Truck Oil Cooler

TEMASYS Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers feature an all-aluminum bar & plate design incorporating a variety of internal and external fin patterns to achieve optimal thermal efficiency.

Aluminum bar and plate heat exchangers offer a rugged, compact, light-weight unit design ideal for cooling oil and compressed air on compressors when cooling water is not available or not economically attractive. Typical compressor applications include rotary screw (oil flooded and oil free), reciprocating and centrifugal oil cooling, interstage air cooling and aftercooling.  Industries that benefit from the smaller foot print of the bar & plate design include the stationary Industrial Compressor market, Off-Highway, Construction and On-Highway markets.

TEMASYS Air-Cooled Aluminum Bar & Plate Heat Exchangers can also be found in a host of other industries including the Automotive Aftermarket, Forestry, Oil & Gas Field, PowerGen, and Snowmaking where they are effectively used to cool lube oil, engine oil, hydraulic oil, charge air and compressed air.